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Hi there👋

This is Suraj Vishwakarma

Learning and helping other people to understand technology👨‍💻

Suraj Vishwakarma

I am a Programmer, Technical Blogger, and an IT student.

My intro🚀

  • 🌐 I am a full-stack web developer
  • 👨‍💻Co-Founder of Basecamp Community
  • ⚛️ I’m currently experimenting with Web 3.0.
  • 📝 I love to write blog posts on technology as well as general topics.
  • ⚡ Fun fact: I love old Hindi songs...

I have been writing technical blog posts on different platforms and my website since early 2020. During this period, I was able to learn many things about writing and maintaining a technical blog.

In my journey, I was able to meet and collaborate with different people and organizations to produce quality and well-optimized blog posts.

I have collaborated with:

surajondev | Spurwing surajondev | Daily Dev surajondev | Aviyel surajondev | Tuya Global surajondev | Jarchitech surajondev | LogRocket

My preferred domain of writing articles are

  • 🌐Web Development
  • ⚛️React Framework
  • 🕸️Web 3.0
  • 🧑‍💻Open Source Projects and Guide
  • 📱Frontend Development for Web and Mobile
  • 🐍Programming languages like JavaScript, Dart, Java, Python
  • ⚒️Software and Tool Review

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Feel free to connect with me and let's discuss your next project.

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