5 Color Inspiration Website You Should Bookmark

5 Color Inspiration Website You Should Bookmark


Color Inspiration

The hardest part of a coder is to choose the color for your project which can include logo, website, digital illustration, etc. To ease your process of choosing colors, I have come up with 5 websites to get great color inspiration for your next project. So let's get started.

1. Picular


Picular provides you with different objects. It has a search box to get the desired color like honey, summer, monkey, etc. It is a lightning-fast color generator that uses Google's Image Search to generate a color.

2. Color Hunt

Color Hunt

One of the most loved websites for color inspiration on the web. It has thousands of exciting color pallets which are categorized into new, trendy, popular, and random.

3. Make Tints and Shades

Make Tints and Shades

This website is great for getting different tints and shades of any color. You just have to enter hex code for tints and shades.

4. Color Review

Color Review

A great website to check the contrast of background and foreground color before using it in design. It can be used to choose the primary and secondary colors of the design. It provides you with a contrast score too. A score above 10 is an ideal contrast.

5. Khroma


Khroma uses AI to learn which colors you like and create limitless pallets for you to discover, search and save. It also allows you to search by hue, tint, value, and color as well as hex and RGB values.

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