5 APIs to Develop Your Next Project

5 APIs to Develop Your Next Project


I like the power of APIs. They turn simple applications into more useful, informative applications. I have been using APIs to turn my thoughts into a real-life problem-solving application by creating weather and Covid19 statistics web apps.

You can develop some great applications with the use of the following APIs.

So let's begin the list.

API Football

If you are a fan of a sport like a football, then it will be more fun and exciting to work on a project that deals with football data. API football provides tons of data including teams, fixtures, live scores, predictions, etc.

API Football


Frankfurter provides current and historic foreign exchange rates. Rates are based on data published by the European Central Bank. It's totally free and does not require a key to fetch data.

Frankfurter Currency data API

Poke API

All Pokémon data at one place with poke API. We all know about Pokémon, we used to watch the show in our childhood and many even today. This API shows data of individual Pokémon.

Poke API

You can use the data to develop games for pokemon lovers using the statistics.

Responsive Voice

Responsive Voice API lets you convert text into speech. You can change the voice model based on text and language. You can also modify pitch, rate, and volume.

Responsive Voice image via TechCrunch


The MovieDB as the name suggests it has a database for movies. You can use their API to develop web app revolving around movies and TV shows. It's free to use API, you only need a The MovieDB account to use.


You can develop a movie recommendation application using all the data.

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Last Note

These APIs will help you to develop the website and you can use the data to run scripts for more functionality.

I hope you will create your next project using these APIs.

Thanks for reading the blog post.

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